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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

You Know You're Adopted When

You know you're adopted when...people ask you if you would have rather been thrown in a dumpster.

You know you're adopted have a childhood fantasy where you're part of a large family where all the siblings look alike AND look like the parents.

You know you're adopted when birthdays and holidays suck.

You know you're adopted can pretend you don't know your adoptive parents when out in public together.

You know you're adopted always screw up your relationships for no good reason.

You know you're adopted when a "family tree" assignment in school sucks.

You know you're adopted're supposed to be interested in history class, but are not supposed to show interest in your own history.

You know you're adopted see people's reaction once they hear your name

You know you're adopted have no newborn picture to compare to your kids.

You know you're adopted when...your parents can't tell you how big you were at birth or what time of day your were born at.

You know you're adopted when...perfect strangers tell you ought to be grateful you were 'taken in'.

You know you're adopted when the only day you think your birth mother is thinking about you is your birthday...then you meet her and she asks when your birthday is again.

You know you're adopted when your original family only thinks about you on occasion, but you are forced to think about them every time you look in the mirror.

You know you are adopted when family obituaries mention everyone but you and your children.

You know you're adopted when...someone has to remind you who your REAL mother is

You know you're adopted when they call a man who abandons his child a dead beat dad, but a woman who gives away their child is a Saint.

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